Hello my dear change maker! Does this sound like you?

✔︎ You started (or want to start) your business, because you want to make an impact with what you do. 

✔︎ You have a grand vision. You want to help people, you want to change lives. 

✔︎ You LOVE being an entrepreneur, the freedom that comes with it and the chance to create a business that is uniquely yours.

✔︎ But… you are feeling overwhelmed by all the things you need to learn and do to launch and grow your business online. Is there an end to the list of #allthethings?

✔︎ You hate salesy tactics and it’s important to you to get visible in an authentic and aligned way. But you are not sure how to do thatAnd maybe you find it a bit scary too, putting yourself out there.

If this sounds like you, then I am SO so excited that you are reading this website today!

My name is Paulien, Business Coach for Coaches, Therapists & Healers.

I help my clients create an authentic and powerful online presence, so that they can get more clients, and make more impact with ease, and without overwhelm.

Together, we create and implement marketing strategies that are so aligned, and so powerful, that they hardly need to sell. Whoop whoop!

I offer 1-on-1 coaching for both new entrepreneurs and experienced entrepreneurs, as well as a Mastermind for coaches, healers and therapists who are ready to get their business off the ground.

Paulien Pierik - Business Coach for Coaches, Therapists & Healers


There are two ways we can together one-on-one, depending on your needs. Generally speaking, when you are in the beginning stages of your business, Make It Happen will be your best choice.

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Make It Happen

For you if you want intensive guidance, mentoring and cheerleading to help you get your business off the ground and make a consistent income!

This is my signature program that includes access to all my worksheets  and materials, plus access to me in between sessions.

From € 749 / $845 per month.

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Strategy Sessions with Paulien Pierik Business Coach

Power Hours

For you if you need a few laser-focused strategy sessions to solve a specific strategic challenge in your business.

New clients can book a 60-minute session for a special rate of €105 / $119.

Additional power hour sessions are €165 / $185 per hour. 


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Ready to get more visible & enroll more clients? Download your Free Printable Visibility Plan now!

The 30-Minute Visibility Plan will help you create a laser-focused weekly action plan, so that you can focus on the RIGHT activities to increase your visibility & enroll more clients, without overwhelm, and in just 30 minutes a day. Whoop whoop!

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The Change Maker Mastermind is a 6-month small group coaching & masterminding experience. This Mastermind is for you if you have been in business for a while and you are now ready for more income & impact!

The next round of the mastermind will probably start in June or July 2021. You can jump on the waiting list to be the first to know when the doors re-open (no strings attached)!

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About working with Paulien - Business Coach for Coaches, Healers & Therapists

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I truly recommend working with Paulien to any entrepreneur who wants to take the right steps at the right time, without wasting time and money in self-made, stubborn and pointless attempts to grow a business. Paulien is a skilled and honest expert in online business strategy. She really loves what she does and I am sure that, just as how it happened to me, she will really understand your needs and you will be super-happy with the tonnes of good advice and resources she will provide you with for growing your business in a smart and simple way.

Daniela Montagner, Fast Learning School, UK

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In the last year and a half, I've worked closely with Paulien to improve my skills as an entrepreneur, making the right decisions and finding the right direction for my company. Paulien coached me into really understanding my business. We worked on for example liquidity forecasts, negotiating with investors, or improving my pitch deck.  

Once your company grows, your responsibility grows. So taking numbers within your business serious is something that would have been harder to achieve by myself.  Compared to last year, I believe that I became a better CEO for my company. Simply because I understand my business better, and during conversations with Paulien I learned how to deal with difficult but right decisions. 

If you do your homework and make sure you implement the given suggestions then I believe you will see some wonderful progress within your business!

Jan Plas, CEO Melalie & CTO It's a Virus, Bali

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Thank you so much for your amazing help Paulien! I was so confused before I spoke to you and now I have a clear direction for my business. You were so quick to understand my business and had such awesome ideas that I can implement straight away to increase my profitability. I am looking forward to working with you more!

Lisa Bergsma, Founder, In Shape Mummy, Australia

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If you are in doubt about working with Paulien, I’d say: do it! After working with Paulien, my business is growing again. I enjoy working in and on my business again, I am a better entrepreneur, and more importantly, I feel happier and more relaxed.

Frank Wilffert, Business Owner, Netherlands 


Business Coach for Coaches, Therapists & Healers

Helping people step into their full potential is my superpower and my biggest passion. And I believe that we as entrepreneurs have the power to change the world by creating new solutions that change the status quo!

In the past 17 years, I’ve started 3 companies. The first one grew to 85 million euro ($100 million) in annual revenues and 96 staff. The second one failed fast. So yes, I know the highs and the lows of every stage of starting and growing an online businesses.

It took me 40 years until I finally brought up the courage to start doing what I LOVE doing (helping people step into their full potential as a business coach for coaches, therapists and healers) and what I feel called to do (make the world a better place through entrepreneurship), instead of what others expected of me (CEO career).

And even though I knew so much about business already, starting as a solopreneur was hard. HARD. Why? Because I needed to get visible and sell myself and my brand. Believe me, until a few months ago doing video was about the scariest thing I could think of. And all those perfect pictures on Instagram, aaargh.

But I overcame those challenges! And I can now combine all my years of experience as a CEO with my personal journey getting visible to help online entrepreneurs in my role as a business coach for coaches, healers and therapists.

You can work with me one one one, through one of my coaching programs, or you can join my Mastermind. And you can of course join my Facebook Group, the Change Maker Collective!

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Business Coach for Coaches, Healers & Therapists

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