Facebook Group vs Facebook Page

Nov 18, 2019 | Blog, Facebook Group, Facebook Page, Social Media

Yeeeey, episode 2 of Social Media SOS is here! In this episode I answer Amy’s question: Facebook Group or Facebook Page? Where is Facebook headed and what should be my focus: group or page?

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So let’s talk more about Facebook Groups vs Facebook Pages…
In terms of what I enjoy most, I definitely prefer the closed environment of a Facebook Group. But there are also very solid reasons to have a Facebook Page. Here’s a blog post that gives you 7 reasons why every serious entrepreneur needs a Facebook Page.

The main reasons why I love Facebook Groups to grow a business are:

  • Groups are at the core of the Facebook strategy. Facebook want the platform to be about meaningful communities. The fact that they are at the core of the strategy also means that posts in groups are favoured by the Facebook algorithm over groups on pages. This means that a larger percentage of your followers will see a post in a group, compared to that same post on a page.
  • Groups are communities. People get to know each other and like hanging out in a community and belonging to a community (a basic human need). That also means that they have an extra reason to come back to your group, compared to coming back to a page.
  • Groups are safe spaces. Unless you have a public group (which I do not recommend), a group is private. It will be way easier for someone to open up about what they really think or feel in a private community than on a public page where their mother / uncle / neighbour / crush can read their posts. If you want to learn what really drives your ideal clients, then groups are the perfect place to find out!

So yes, I love groups. But there are also reason why you need to focus on a page next to a group as well. These are the main ones:

  • Without a page, you cannot run ads or retarget website visitors.
  • A page is public. This means that readers can share your content and your content has the potential to even go viral. In a group however, your reach is limited to the people inside the group and it cannot be shared. If you are serious about making an impact in the world, you need a public place, like a Facebook Page (could also be instagram, or twitter, the point is it needs to be public and shareable).
  • A page is your shop window. If someone has never heard about you or your brand, then they might not be willing to join your community yet. They will first check out your page. And if that page is dead or non-existing, then they won’t join your tribe either. So make sure your page is at least updated weekly with fresh content that represents your brand.

So those are 3 reasons to focus on a Facebook Group or Facebook Page.

But… in the end, there is only 1 thing that really matters for your online success: what do YOU BELIEVE will be the best platform for you? If you believe that you will be successful with a page and not with a group, then that will be the case. If you believe vice versa, then that will be true as well! Choose a platform that you believe in, that you find fun and that inspires you to show up daily, and you will be successful!

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