Today, I launched the very first episode of my new Show: Social Media SOS. In this show, I will be answering questions from my community on Social Media and how to build a visible, authentic online business that changes the world.

The first episode is called: Help! My Facebook Organic Reach is down!

The question in today’s show comes from Jennifer, who said: I have over 1,500 followers on my page, but my latest post about my challenge had a Facebook organic reach of only 6 people. What is happening here?

We all know that Facebook Organic reach is ever declining, but these numbers seem out of the ordinary. And that is why I created this episode for you!

Here’s what you will learn in this episode:

  • 4 reasons why you might be harming your Facebook organic reach, without even noticing it
  • The 3 types of content you need to check before you post anything on Facebook, if you want good reach
  • 2 ways to still get your content seen EVEN if your reach is zero.

You can watch the video here (transcript and audio version below the video):

Are you a reader? Then download a short transcript here.

Are you a listener? Good news, there is a podcast version too!

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to Facebook organic reach, is that Facebook wants people on the platform to:

  • Have a positive, authentic experience
  • See only original content (specific to the platform and not shared)
  • Stay on the platform (not leave to another website)
  • Be served meaningful content that leads to meaningful conversations.

If your content ticks those 4 boxes, then your reach should be fine (taking into account the fact that organic reach of pages is at an all time low and reach for groups is also declining, so I am talking about a relative good reach).

If your content is salesy, asks for “fake” engagement (like “share this post”, “comment below”, “tag a friend”, links to outside sources, or isn’t original, then that might be causing lower reach.

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