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How to add links to instagram posts - 2 easy and free tips!

instagram planoly systems Nov 25, 2020
Wondering how to add links to Instagram Posts? This blog post will teach you 2 easy and free ways to add links to your Instagram Posts 🥳
Maybe you didn't even know that that you can not add links to instagram posts? Links on Instagram are not clickable! When you add a link to an Instagram post, your followers can NOT click on that link. Even worse, they cannot even copy the link to go to their browser. This is done because Instagram wants to keep followers on the platform.
So if you've been adding links to your posts, thinking that that would get you traffic to your website, nope, that does not work 😩. So let's talk about how to add links to Instagram posts then!
By the way, you are not alone doing this, I've seen big brands (who are obviously outsourcing their Instagram management to what they think are experts) are making this mistake. But, the good news is, there are FREE workarounds for this so that you can add links to your posts.

How to add links to Instagram posts

Add links to Instagram posts using Linktree.
The easiest way is to use an app called "linktree". This will allow you to add a set of links to your profile. Here's an example of what my Linktree looks like:

Here's how to set this up:

  • Go to Linktree and create a profile. You can sign up for the free plan, that does everything you need!
  • Verify your account.
  • Add your links in the "links" tab (this can be found at the top of the page, as shown in the circle below)

  • Change the color of your linktree in the "appearance" tab (see the screenshot above for where to find this tab.)
  • You can add the option to raise money for anti-racism in the "settings" tab. This tab also includes a bunch of other settings that are only available in the paid plan. You don't need them though.
  • Copy the linktree link. The screenshot above shows where to find the link.
  • Paste the link in your Instagram bio link, which you can do by clicking on "edit profile", as shown here:

     And then paste the link here:

Now, you can go back to your profile and you will see the link. Click on the link to see how Linktree works. Tataaaa! Every time you want to add a link to your linktree, go back to your linktree account and add the link. It will automatically appear in your Instagram bio.


How to add links to your Instagram posts using Planoly

A more elaborate more sophisticated solution is the one I started using recently. This is called Linkit by Planoly (disclosure: this is a referral link, which means that if you would sign up for the paid version of Planoly, I will receive a small commission. You can use the clickable links in Planoly's FREE version though.)

What this solution does, is that is recreates your entire feed and makes each of your images clickable. That way, you don't just have a list of links, like you would with linktree, but you will have a nice grid with clickable images. You will use Planoly to schedule your posts and add the links to the posts.

Here's a detailed explanation how this tool works and how you can set it up: 

You can see how this works by hopping over to my Instagram profile (make sure to hit "follow" as well while you are there!). I also use the free version of Planoly to schedule my Instagram Grid and Stories (sometimes) by the way, and that works really well too.

Yeeey, that's it! Now you know how to add links to Instagram posts! For stories, it's a bit different: you cannot add links to your stories, unless you have more than 10,000 followers or unless you use a paid ad (obviously).

So what's next?

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