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How to grow your business online - the 3 things to focus on

Wondering how to grow your business online? Trying #allthethings, but still nothing seems to happen that really works, although you are modeling what you see the big names in the online industry do?
In this blog post, I want to talk about a very FUNDAMENTAL mistake I see many new entrepreneurs make when they are trying to figure out how to grow their businesses online: They look at successful entrepreneurs and think they can copy what they do in order to become successful, but they miss a huge piece of the puzzle. And as a result of that, they are very busy, but their businesses don't grow.

I want to use the analogy of an iceberg. When you see an iceberg, you only see the piece that is ABOVE the surface. But actually 92% of the iceberg is below the surface. It is a mistake to look at the iceberg and to assume that all there is to the iceberg is the piece above the surface. Because without that piece below the surface, the piece above the water couldn't be there.
The same goes for entrepreneurship. What do you see when you look at successful entrepreneurs? Fancy social media posts, live streams, challenges, for example. It might look as if that is what you need to focus on too, to become successful. But actually, what you are seeing is just the tip of the iceberg, the part above the surface.
And what you DO NOT SEE is the huge and solid foundation below the surface. And that foundation is actually what determines the success of a business. All the other stuff is just surface level, tactics.
So what happens if you only look at what's above the surface and you try to model that to grow your business? You will be focusing on tactical questions like "should I be on Facebook or Instagram", or "are live videos better than prerecorded videos" or "how often should I post?". All very valid questions, but not the questions you need to answer to become successful. If you stay focused on the tactics, then you will be missing the foundation that is beneath the surface.
So then what's below the surface of a successful business 🤔?
  • Strategy: a big goal with a clear path towards success with an understanding how all the bits and pieces fit together. Knowing where you are going, and then having a plan to get there. 
  • Mindset: having a growth mindset, having the confidence to take risks, dreaming big. If you are scared of being successful, or scared of failing, or if you feel like you are not good enough (BIG one, especially with female entrepreneurs), you can do all the marketing you want, but you won't be successful.
  • Taking massive action: consistently showing up and doing the work (this does not mean 24x7 hustle, but it does mean a long period of intensive work, over night success is a myth and building a business is hard work).

Many courses (and also coaches) help you fix the surface problems. I help my clients create the foundation to the iceberg: strategy, mindset and consistent action. This is not easy, nor fast work, it requires a longer-term investment, but if you have those foundations in place, THAT's when your business can grow.

So if you've been focusing on tactics, without results, then probably there's work to do for you in terms of strategy, mindset and taking more consistent action.

Are you up to work on this? Let's work together! You can read more about my coaching here.
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