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Is Pinterest good for business?

Have you been wondering if Pinterest is good for business? Wondering if you maybe should be spending more time and effort on it? 

In this post, I will walk you through 5 reasons why Pinterest is awesome for business owners! 


Pinterest numbers

Before we dive into the 5 reasons why Pinterest is good for business, here are some numbers on Pinterest and its potential for brands and product sellers. WOW! Pinterest is the place to be for brands and product sellers, because Pinners use it to do research and decide what to buy.

I am a numbers' girl and these numbers already convinced me a few years ago, that I should become more active on Pinterest! But there is more, Pinterest is also easy to learn, doesn't require a lot of effort, and it is different from the other social media channels too. Here are the details:

Pinterest is awesome because you don't need followers to get seen on Pinterest

Pinterest is not really a social network, it is a search engine, like Google! People go on Pinterest to actively look for ideas, products and services. This means that

  • even if you have zero followers, your pins can still be found by the 175 million monthly active Pinterest users, if you optimise your images and descriptions for search.


Pinterest is awesome because it allows you to step off the 24x7 hamster wheel that's social media

Say whaaat? Yes! Compared to other social platforms Pinterest requires WAY less time and attention to get you fabulous results. Here's why:

  • Pinterest is not really a social medium and your contains "stays" on Pinterest, just like your videos stay on Youtube or your blog posts stay on Google, which means that even in a year, or 2 years, your pins can still be found. This is a HUGE advantage compared to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, where your well thought out posts have a life span of minutes or hours, and you need to come up with daily new content to stay on top of your game.
  • You can fully automate your pinning with the tailwind app. This app lets you automatically pin your pins, and the app decides the best time to pin for you. In this way, it will cost you very little time to still pin several times a day. All you do regularly is create new Pins and add them to tailwind (once), the rest is done by tailwind. 

  •  Interaction like liking and commenting is way less important on Pinterest, which also means it requires less of your 24x7 attention than other social networks.


Successful Pins can have a long impact on your business

Related to what we talked about before, Pins live on Pinterest for a long time! A pin you post today can still get you free traffic in a few years! Actually, one of my best performing pins is almost 2 years old now and it gets me a daily stream of traffic to my website. No need to come up with new content several times a day, a Pin that gets traction will sit on Pinterest and can bring you new traffic for a very long time.

Disclosure: if you use the link above to sign up for your free trial of Tailwind and you continue using it after the trial, I will get a free month of using Tailwind, at no extra cost to you.


Pinterest is easy to learn!

Pinterest is actually quite easy to learn compared to other social networks. Creating pins (they need to be vertical images) is super easy with canva. You can easily create a pin for each of your products, services, blog posts or freebies and then post it on a group board, to start getting free traffic to each of your pages. 


That's it! 4 reasons why Pinterest can be awesome for your small business 

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