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Link building examples for beginners

blog seo May 05, 2020

Are you working on your SEO? Then you've probably heard that you should be link building! In this blog post, I will explain what link building is and I will give you 3 easy link building examples that you can implement, even if you are brand new and even if the words "SEO" and "link building" sound uber scary to you!


What is link building?

Link building is the process of getting links to your website from other websites. Link building is part of SEO (search engine optimization). When a high-quality website points to your website, then Google thinks "hey this high quality website seems to think that this website is relevant, that must mean it is relevant". This helps you rank higher in the search engines.


Why do I need to work on my link building?

Here are three important reasons to start working on your incoming links, or 3 actually:

  1. Google loves websites with high quality incoming links.
    If you want to start getting more free (organic) traffic from Google (or Bing for that matter), then link building is very important. Research has shown that websites that have more incoming links from various domains, rank higher in Google than websites with fewer incoming links. Now why is that? Because if your website has a lot of incoming links from reputable websites, this shows Google that you are an authority in your niche, and therefore worth including in the top search results!
  2. Link building will help you get free traffic to your website;
    It's simple, people find your website through links on other websites.
  3. Link building will help you build authority in your niche.
    Imagine that one of the leaders in your industry links to your website? What a great way to establish authority!

All 3 reasons are important, but reason number 1 is the main reason why you want to focus on link building, Google will love you.

3 easy link building examples for beginners in 2019

In this post, I want to share 3 easy link building tactics for beginners. There are many ways in which you can get links, I chose these 3 techniques because they are relatively easy and won't take a lot of time.

Link building example 1: Local link building

Local link building means: getting links from local websites / platforms. Even if your business is not local at all, local link building can work really well. It is relatively easy, and your competitors won't be able to get these links, because they are not in your region.

How to get started

Step 1: Research

  • Make a list of local directories in your city, council, state, province, or maybe even country that include businesses. This can be very general directories, like Yelp, Yellow Pages, your local Chamber of Commerce, but also more specific pages, like startups in your city, lists of local stores (if you own a store), local coaches (if you are a coach) etc. Spend some time on Google to find out which directories exist.
  • Google the name of your city / council / state plus businesses. So for example: Amsterdam businesses. See what directories show up and add those that look relevant to your list.
  • Do the same for the name of your city / council / state plus a keyword that describes your niche. So for example, in my case: Eindhoven e-commerce. Write down any directories or overview websites that show up.
  • Look for local news outlets. Many local websites or news outlets are happy to feature new businesses or do an interview. Add them to your list too.

Step 2: Approach the websites

Once you created your list, it's time to start approaching the websites. Here's how you can approach that

  • Check if the website has a form where you can submit a link.
  • If not, find the contact details on the site.
  • For directories: Send a nice, personalized message to the website and ask to be included. Explain who you are and why your business is a good fit for their directory.
  • For local news outlets: This is where you need to get a little creative! Are you willing to do an interview? Do you have a story to share? Contact the news outlets with your proposal.


Link building example 2: Work with others in your niche

Another way to get started on your link building, is to work together with other websites in your niche. Here are a few link building techniques that work really well:

  1. Offering to do a guest blog on a blog inside your niche
  2. Being featured on someone's pod cast
  3. Offering to do a joint Facebook Live, that gets promoted with a blog post that links to your site
  4. Being interviewed online, for example on
  5. Offering to review someone's services in exchange for a link
  6. Sign up for HARO, Hire a Reporter Online. This website allows you to register as an expert in your niche and be hired by reporters who are looking for valuable information.
  7. Ask to be listed on the "Resources" pages of sites in your niche.


Aaaand link building example 3: Find low hanging fruit through competitors

Another easy link building technique is to find websites that would be willing to link to you by analyzing competitors websites! Here's how you can get started:

  • You can use this tool to create an overview of the backlinks of your competitor! Just type the domain name of your competitor in the URL field and hit "check back links".
  • You will get a list of sites that links to your competitor. Work through the links and make a list of sites that could potentially also link to you.
  • Create awesome content, preferably better than the content that your competitors created.
  • Approach the websites with an email (see section 1 above).


Bonus: create GREAT content

When you focus on creating fabulous content for your website or blog, then this will automatically start gaining links, because people will start linking to it! Linking to awesome content makes them look awesome too :-). So in the end, it is all about quality content!

Need help getting started with your link building techniques or your general growth strategies? Check out my coaching offers, because that is what I help my clients do!

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