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Online meeting schedulers for entrepreneurs

productivity systems Jun 24, 2020
Are you looking for the best online meeting scheduler for your business, so you can get more productive and efficient? In this blog post, I will walk you through what an online meeting scheduler is, why you need one, plus my recommendations for the best online meeting schedulers!
Please not that this blog post contains affiliate links. This means that in case you would decide to purchase through my links, I will receive a small commission, at no additional charge for you.

What is an online meeting scheduler? And why do I need one?

A meeting scheduler allows you to give the people who want to meet with you direct access to your calendar, so they can book a meeting with you. It saves emailing back and forth to pick a date, it saves you from having double bookings, and it sends out automatic reminders too, so you and the person you are meeting don't forget about the meeting! And if you are a bit chaotic like me, it's truly a life saver.

When do I need a meeting scheduler? And which businesses need one?

If you want to plan regular meetings in your business, then I'd recommend you use a scheduler from quite an early stage in your business, because it saves you soooo much time, and it makes everything way more streamlined.

Which scheduler do you recommend?

I use Acuity scheduling. Acuity (the paid version for $14 per month) can:

  • sync with your private calendar, so that when you are not available for example because of a doctor's appointment, your clients can no longer book that slot.

  • create various types of appointments that have different durations and different availabilities. For example, I can tell acuity: my Wednesday sessions should only be bookable on Wednesdays, and only 3 per day, and my coaching calls can be scheduled every day, but there should always be a 30 minute break between sessions.

  • have time slots per day. For example you can say: on Mondays I work from 9AM til 9 PM, but on Tuesdays only from 9AM til 2PM. You can then override this if needed.

  • accept payments (I don't use this but it is super easy to set up, so your clients pay before the session)

  • send out 3 automatic reminders to your clients and to you (optionally)

  • add forms to each type of appointment, so you can ask your customers questions (for example so you can prepare a call).

  • do coupons

  • do group classes. So for example a class with max 8 people. the system will track how many people have enrolled and how many can still book.

  • allow your customers to reschedule or cancel a meeting themselves (optional)

You can go here to sign up for Acuity.

How to get started with a scheduler

You need to decide a few things in order to use your scheduler, for example:

  • What types of appointments do I want to allow?

  • What is my standard availability?

  • Where do I store my private appointments online?

  • Which questions do I want to ask my clients?

  • Do I want to embed the scheduler on my website (this is super easy to set up btw)?

It looks way more difficult than it is actually. I can help you set up a scheduler in about 1 hour (of my time, with extra time from your end to prepare the answers to the questions above). Go and schedule your session, so you can get way more organized and productive starting tomorrow

Happy scheduling!

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