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Pinterest Account Creation for Business Owners

pinterest social media Oct 21, 2020

Pinterest is an awesome traffic source for Business Owners. It is free, it is easy to set up, it does not require 24x7 attention like other social platforms and it can be automated. You can read more about the benefits of Pinterest in this article. The first step in getting started with Pinterest is your Pinterest Account Creation. And that is what this post will help you do!


The benefits of a Pinterest Business Account

Having a business account has 2 major benefits:

  1. It will get you access to analytics, so you can see how your Pins are performing, which Pins are driving most traffic to your website, and which Pins are being saved by other Pinners. This is invaluable info if you want to drive traffic to your website.
  2. It will get you access to rich pins. Rich pins are pins that show additional info about a Pin. See step 4 below for more info about rich pins.


Here are the steps for Pinterest Account Creation for Businesses:

Step 1: Open a business account or switch your existing personal account to a business account

If you already have a personal account, then you can change that into a business account here.

If you are new, then you can go to to create a new account. You'll arrive at a login screen. Click "continue as a business".


Step 2: Pinterest Account Creation

You are now ready for your Pinterest Account Creation! You'll be asked to choose:

  1. a profile name (make sure to choose a profile name that is similar to your website name and other social channels, for consistent branding). Make sure to also add keywords to your profile name, so you can easily be found. For example, instead of "Paulien Pierik", I chose "Paulien Pierik - Business Coach & Social Media Expert", so that people who are looking for "Business Coach" will be able to find my profile. You can add what you do, or what you sell in your profile name.
  2. a business name. This name is shown on your profile page.
  3. an email address.
  4. a password
  5. your type of business
  6. your website. This is also shown on your profile page.

That's it, you've created your Pinterest Account. Now, there are a few next steps that you need to take before you can start pinning.

Step 3: Verify your website

Pins from a verified website show the logo of the website as well as the full URL with each pin. Verifying will also set up the analytics inside Pinterest. Follow these instructions (by Pinterest) to verify your website.


Step 4: Enable rich pins

What are rich pins? Rich pins are pins that show additional info compared to regular pins. This will help your pins stand out compared to regular pins!

There are four types of Rich Pins:

  1. Product pins, that include price, availability and where to purchase (this is awesome for all web shop owners!!)
  2. Article Pins include headline, author and story description.
  3. Recipe Pins include ingredients, cooking times and serving information.
  4. App Pins that allow you to showcase your app inside Pinterest for immediate downloading.

This article contains the latest instructions (by Pinterest) on how to enable Rich Pins for your website.

Once you follow the instructions, you'll need to wait until Pinterest approves your Rich Pins...

In the meantime, you'll be all set to start pinning! You are done with your Pinterest Account Creation! Whoop whoop!


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