50 Social Media Content Ideas

Dec 07, 2018

Do you struggle with finding ideas for your social media posts? In this article, I will give you 50 (FIFTYYYY) Social Media Content Ideas, so you will have enough ideas for 6 weeks of daily content creation! Whoop whoop!

Here they are, 50 social media content ideas:

  1. A “behind the scenes” photo or story where you give a glimpse into your company
  2. A photo of your office / store / workplace
  3. A sneak peak for a new product or a new service that will be arriving soon
  4. An article about a topic that is important to your customers
  5. An infographic with relevant info for your followers
  6. Your freebie / free giveaway
  7. Your product being used
  8. A book review
  9. Your favorite quote or mantra
  10. A worksheet / checklist
  11. A testimonial from a happy customer
  12. A list of your other social media channels
  13. A contest
  14. A tip that helps your followers save money
  15. Your favorite app or website
  16. A photo of a fan or follower
  17. Your favorite influencer or “guru”
  18. A thank you to your followers
  19. A poll
  20. A trending news item
  21. A question that makes your followers think about a relevant topic
  22. A market research question (for example to learn more about what your followers would want to buy)
  23. A story that is relevant to your followers
  24. A live video
  25. Relevant statistics
  26. A seasonal post (Christmas, halloween, carnival, summer, winter, day of the cat, etc)
  27. A special offer
  28. Your mission
  29. Highlight a page / profile of a business friend
  30. Something fun or funny (cat videos always do well haha)
  31. A mini training / tutorial
  32. A challenge
  33. A questionnaire (survey)
  34. A webinar
  35. A case study in which you talk about one of your customers and how he / she experienced your products or services
  36. A roundup post, where you summarize, for example, what has happened on all your channels in the past week
  37. An article from an influencer from your niche
  38. A “on a scale of 1 to 10” demand
  39. A GIF party (I love it), asking your followers to respond with a GIF
  40. Your best selling products / services in a top 5 list
  41. A selfie
  42. A tip that saves your followers time
  43. Something new you’ve learned recently
  44. Ask your fan to follow you on other social media channels
  45. An event
  46. Throw Back Thursday
  47. Share one of your older posts that have done very well
  48. A blog post
  49. An interview
  50. Your morning routine


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