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Social Media Trends for 2020

2020 is approaching!

Here is a list of important trends to keep in mind when planning for 2020.

If you are aware of the trends and adapt your strategy accordingly, you can stay ahead of the game. And that’s what we want 🥳🥳

Social media trend 2020 - 1 - Ephemeral content & Stories

Social Media is going more and more in the direction of ephemeral content, content that disappears. We can see this on Facebook with Facebook Stories, on Instagram with Instagram Stories and also on Snapchat. These new ways to publish content are rapidly overtaking the classic news feed / grid, so make sure to focus on stories if you haven't been using stories in 2019 yet.

Social Media Trend 2020 - 2- Ever declining organic reach

The number of followers that actually see your posts is declining all the time. Not only for Faceboko pages, but also for Facebook groups 😭, Instagram 😭, Pinterest 😭 and Google 😭. We need to become better at what we do to be able to stay in the game (or be willing to pay for ads...).

The most important strategy for 2020 in order to benefit from organic traffic is to create super relevant content that our audiences LOVE and that they ENGAGE with.

Social Media Trend 2020 - 3: Opportunities for ecommerce brands, especially on instagram and Pinterest 🤩

Instagram and Pinterest are trying to break into the ecommerce market by offering brands the option to sell directly from their platform. If you sell physical products, then these platforms are the place to be to sell your products in 2020!

Social Media Trend 2020 - 4: Messenger ads

Facebook is integrating its messenger platforms: Facebook messenger, Instagram messenger and What's App. More and more people move away from the public news feed towards one on one messaging and Facebook wants to monetize this trend. This means that more and more ads will be placed inside Facebook messenger and on What’s app (2020) and also inside stories. These ad opportunities are still new and therefor have a much lower cost than regular ads. Try it while it's new! 

Social Media Trend 2020 - 5: Virtual and augmented reality

The fifth Social Media trend is more and more focus on virtual reality and augmented reality in marketing messages.

Social Media Trend 2020 - 6: continued rise of video & mobile

This trend is not new, but still important. If you are not using video and if your website and marketing are not optimized for mobile, then you are definitely loosing out on a lot of potential, and you need to make this happen in 2020!


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