Video marketing is the future. You should do more video. Aren’t you doing live video in your business yet?

If you are an online entrepreneur, then I BET someone has asked you these questions recently? If you are new to video marketing and you don’t know what kind of videos you can make, or how to incorporate video into your business, then this blog post will give you 10 ways to use video in your business!

By the way, I agree with people who say video marketing is the future, and I’ve experienced myself that every time I do a video (especially live), I get new clients or potential clients. It is just the fastest way to build know, like and trust with your audience!

So 10 ideas for video marketing, here we go:

  1. A video where you introduce yourself and your business
  2. Talk about your purpose and why you do what you, and the impact you want to make in the world
  3. Customer testimonials on video. Social proof works, and video testimonials are social proof on steroids!
  4. Explain your products or services (benefits, features, why people should buy) on your product or services page, or on social media if you are doing a launch.
  5. Unboxing videos (if you sell products).
  6. Tutorials / how tos. These types of videos do really well! You can use your FAQ or what potential customers typically ask you as the basis for coming up with what to talk about.
  7. Behind the scenes videos, for example of your production process/ content creation process/ office. Potential customers LOVE getting a look behind the scenes, and this helps you establish know, like and trust!
  8. Interview people (influencers, customers, experts in your niche etc)
  9. Tell a story, for example of why you created your business and how you got there
  10. Let your team talk! For example by doing an employee interview or team member interview


And here are 10 places where you can USE these awesome videos you created:

  1. Youtube (live or prerecorded)
  2. Your Facebook Page (live or prerecorded)
  3. Your Facebook Group (live or prerecorded)
  4. Your emails (you can embed a video or link to one of your video channels)
  5. Instagram on your grid (1 minute only) or in your stories. You can also go live on instagram, these videos will be turned into a story afterwards
  6. Instagram TV (prerecorded only)
  7. On your sales pages or products pages on your website.
  8. On your homepage and about us page on your website
  9. Embedded in your blog posts


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