Business Strategy & Social Media for Entrepreneurs

You have a BIG dream for your business and you are ready to make it happen! Now you need to create a strategy that works for you, and that feels 100% authentic and doable. And you probably need some help making it all happen too!

I get it, and I am here to help!

Make it happen – signature program

Intensive guidance, mentoring & cheerleading from A to Z

During this 9 month 1-on-1 program, I will guide you through all the steps  you will need to take your business to the next level.

You will get access to my Make it Happen Business Academy, plus bi-weekly 1-on-1 sessions and what’s app access to me!

Strategy Sessions

Strategic brainstorming & planning, when you need it

You know where you are headed, but you’d LOVE to have someone on your side to brainstorm and bounce your ideas off.¬† Strategy sessions are for you if you are already clear on the how & what and you want high-level strategic support on a regular basis to make sure your business keeps growing.

Social Media Bootcamp

Authentic visibility on the platform of your choice

An intensive 6-week (or 12-week) coaching experience that will kick-start your growth in 1 specific area of your business! We can work on your Instagram presence, Facebook Group, Pinterest traffic or your website.

After the bootcamp you will know how to grow your visibility in a way that feels totally doable and 100% authentic!

From Paulien

Make it Happen

I believe that there is an unbelievable power inside each of us. The power to make our dreams come true and build a business we believe in. A profitable purpose-driven business, that we are truly passionate about.

It won’t always be easy, and success won’t be instant. But I know it is possible, and it is my mission to help you make that happen!