social media bootcamp

Ready to go from Hidden Gem to Here I am in just 6 weeks?

For purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are ready to get visible & grow their businesses, so their brands can change the world!

Hey there, online entrepreneur!

Does any of this sound familiar?

checkmark coral Paulien PierikYOU are on a mission! You want to grow a brand that changes the world!

checkmark coral Paulien PierikYou are still new to the online world and you feel overwhelmed with everything you need to know and do when it comes to being successful online.

checkmark coral Paulien Pierik There is this 1 specific area in your business, where you just don’t seem to get started (Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Instagram, Email Marketing, Pinterest or Website Sales). It feels overwhelming, complex and frustrating and you just don’t know how to fix it.

If you only knew how to come up with and authentic and doable strategy, and how to implement all of it, so you could finally make it happen…

Are you ready to turn all of this around?

To finally make this happen, so your brand can change the world?

I know you are! That is exactly the reason why you are reading this page!

If you are ready to get to that next level, then I am here to help you make it happen! 

I’ve created the Business Coaching Bootcamp to help you achieve success in 1 specific area of your business in a short time. 

I am Paulien, business coach for online entrepreneurs with purpose-driven brands.  It is my mission to help online entrepreneurs step into their full potential and build successful businesses, so their brands can change the world!

I have 17 years of experience in growing 8-figure online businesses, an MSc in business and Entrepreneurship Training from Harvard Business School. And most of all, I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs step into their full potential, so they can do what they were meant to do and make an impact in the world!

The Business Bootcamp is a 6-week (or 12-week in some cases) journey that will help you make major progress in 1 area of your business where you feel stuck or where you need help getting started. We will go on a joint journey towards:

An Authentic strategy

We will work on developing a strategy that feels authentic and doable for YOU.


You will have a crystal clear plan with next steps that you can carry out to make your business successful!

more confidence

You will feel confident that you have the tools to move forward again!

Why This Program?

What makes this bootcamp different from other entrepreneurship / business / online marketing programs?

course & coaching hybrid

How often do you finish a course you purchase? Right, not that often… That’s why business bootcamp is a mix of 1-on-1 and online learning, so you get the benefits of both worlds: accountability and personal attention through 1-on-1 coaching with the price benefits and flexibility of e-learning.

A business coach who walked your path, 3 times!

With over 15 years of experience with building global online businesses, a master’s in business and entrepreneurship training from Harvard Business School, I know what building a business is really about. I will use all my knowledge and training to help you build a SOLID business that is here to stay. No “tricks” or cookie cutter approaches.


It is my SUPERPOWER to see amazing potential in people and helping them own it and stepping into it. I will cheer you on and I am here every single step of the way. The highs and the lows. The wins and the throwing the computer out of the window moments too. Nothing makes me more proud and happy than seeing my clients make it happen!


I have worked with Paulien to help grow my business for over a year now. She has an eye opening amount valuable information and I have learnt so much from her. She shares the real business strategies of marketing and brand visibility. No fluff just pure behind the brand skills that are required to stand out as a small or new business. She is a very nice lady too.

Natasha Francis

Owner, The Urban Vintage Affair

I have worked with Paulien for quite a while and she always manages to have very actionable, no fluff advice. She truly loves to help entrepreneurs and is constantly up to date with new developments on all social media platforms. It is such a pleasure to work with Paulien.


Owner, Timtimtom books

Our coaching journey

Taking you from Hidden Gem to Here I am!

We can cover 5 areas in a bootcamp: Instagram, Facebook Group, E-mail Marketing, Pinterest and Websites that Sell (12 weeks). 

The exact content of each program will be tailored to your specific needs and your specific brand and business!

Instagram Bootcamp
Week 1: Your purpose & goals, your bio and your mission and values on Instagram Week 2: The basics of a successful Instagram Presence (content, hashtags, engagement) Week 3: Instagram Content that Engages AND Sells  Week 4: Instagram TV, Instagram Stories & Instagram Live Week 5: How to Grow your Instagram Week 6: Instagram Analytics & Implementation, implementation, implementation  
Facebook Group Bootcamp
Week 1: Your purpose and goals, your group name, mission and values Week 2: The basics of running a successful Facebook Group Week 3: Content for your group that engages AND brings sales Week 4: Facebook Algorithm & Latest Group Developments Week 5: How to grow your Facebook Group Week 6: Facebook Group Statistics & implementation, implementation  
Pinterest Bootcamp
Week 1: Your purpose & goals, your bio and your mission and values on Pinterest Week 2: The basics of a successful Pinterest Presence (pins, boards, group boards, hashtags) Week 3: Pinterest Content that Engages AND Sells  Week 4: Tailwind & How to automate most of the work you do on Pinterest Week 5: How to Grow your Results Week 6: Pinterest Analytics & Implementation, implementation, implementation  
Email Marketing Bootcamp
Week 1: Your purpose & goals, your mission and values for e-mail marketing Week 2: The basics of a successful email marketing (opt-ins, sequences, funnels) Week 3: Email Content that Engages AND Sells  Week 4: Email systems, Automation & Segmentation Week 5: How to Grow your List Week 6: Email Marketing Analytics & Implementation, implementation, implementation  
Website Bootcamp (12 weeks)
This bootcamp takes 12 weeks instead of 6 weeks, because of the complexity of the topic. Week 1 & 2: The formula of a Website that Sells Week 3 & 4: Your ideal clients & why they buy online Week 5 & 6: A Website that Converts Week 7 & 8: The must-have pages on your website Week 9 & 10: SEO & upselling / cross selling Week 11 & 12: Website analytics & Implementation, implementation, implementation  The website bootcamp will give you full access to my online course Websites that Sell.

Sounds fab! what’s my investment?

Your investment for 1 bootcamp is € 999 euro or 2 payments of € 550 Here’s all the wonderful support you will get:

access to your course inside the online Academy

The Make it Happen Academy is your online learning portal, where you will find online video trainings, worksheets and assignments about your bootcamp topic. You will get lifelong access to the training materials for your bootcamp.


Every week, we will have a 60-minute laser focused 1-on-1 coaching call. We will deep dive into all areas of your business to make sure you can take aligned action! The Website Bootcamp takes 12 weeks and therefore comes with bi-weekly calls.

bonus: what's app access to me

If you sign up before 31 December 2019, you will get What’s App access to me during the entire duration of the bootcamp (office hours CET).

Are you ready to get unstuck?

is this program right for me?

This program is not for everyone! 
A 6-week Bootcamp Program is PERFECT for you if: checkmark coral Paulien PierikYou are a purpose-driven entrepreneur with either products or services that you want to market and sell online. checkmark coral Paulien PierikYou are still new to the online world checkmark coral Paulien PierikYou already have the foundations of your business  in place: niche, ideal clients, message and products and services. checkmark coral Paulien PierikYou like working with an intuitive coach, who will help you find the best approach for YOUR specific business & personality.

The Bootcamp is NOT for you if:

Your main goal in business is to make tons of  money, and you don’t care about what you sell or who you impact.

You are very confident / type-A and/ or you prefer a very structured coaching approach. Sorry, that’s just not me! You want a coach to tell you exactly what to do, or you want your coach to do the work FOR you.  Your business is still very new and you need to work on many topics. In that case, I recommend Make It Happen, my full coaching package.

frequently asked questions

How does the e-learning work?
Weekly new content will be released, according to the schedule mentioned above. You will have life long access to the content.
How will we work 1-on-1?
The coaching program will be virtual (unless you live near Eindhoven, Netherlands…). We will have weekly calls. During these calls, we will go through your work, we can brainstorm ideas, you can ask all your questions and we can discuss all your challenges. After the call you will feel energized and ready for the next steps. 
How much time will I need to dedicate to the program?
So glad you ask! Working on this program will be working on your business. The more effort you will put into the program, the more extraordinary your results will be. I recommend you set aside at least 8 hours per week for the program. This is an investment in your business and the more time you spend on it, the more your business will profit, and the faster you will earn your investment back!
What are the payment terms?
You can choose to pay in advance and get a discount, or you can pay per month. 
Can I access all the content at once?
New content will be released weekly according to the schedule. The content will contain videos, worksheets and assignments that you can directly apply to your business. You will have lifelong access to all the content. 
What happens after the program?
We can still work together of course, for example with one of my monthly coaching packages or strategy sessions. Or I can create a custom made package for you! You will have life-long access to all the online content.