strategy sessions

An experienced mentor by your side to support you on your journey towards the next level of impact and sales in your business!

Hello awesome entrepreneur!

Does this sound like you?

  • You launched your business, because you want to make a positive impact in the world.
  • You absolutely love what you do, but you have never been in the shoes of a business owner or CEO before
  • Growing your business is WAY more challenging that you expected when you started out
  • Sometimes you feel overwhelmed by ALL the aspects of running an online business. Marketing, Sales, Social Media, but also building a team, money, finance and your personal development as a leader.
  • You know you need to take your role to the next level. And that is  not so easy because everything is very new!

What would it be like to have an experienced mentor by your side who has walked the path you are walking?

A mentor who walked that path not 1, not 2, but 3 times? Someone who built a business from scratch to 100 million US$ in annual revenue? Someone who also lost a business and who knows what it is like to struggle and, more importantly, how to overcome challenges and make things happen?

Wouldn’t that be super valuable? And isn’t that exactly the reason why you are reading this page?

Good news, that’s why I created my Strategy Sessions!

Hello, my name is Paulien, and I am a business coach & social media expert. It is my mission to help entrepreneurs with purpose-driven brands step into their full potential and build successful, authentic and visible online businesses, so their brands can make a positive impact the world!

I have 17 years of experience in growing 8-figure online businesses, an MSc in business, and Entrepreneurship Training from Harvard Business School. And most of all, I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs change the world!

When I started a business for the first time, I was completely new to being a CEO. Although I had a business degree, it was still overwhelming at times! I invested in working with excellent coaches and mentors during my career, to help me strategize, brainstorm, and also to help me grow as a person and to overcome mindset challenges (like how to deal with firing staff). And those moments I worked with a coach, were always the moments I stepped outside my comfort zone and grew. I’m happy to now help new entrepreneurs achieve the same growth.

what can we work on?

I specialize in business strategy, social media, online marketing/sales and general management. Here are examples of typical topics I work on with my clients:

  • WHY is my business not taking off as planned?
  • How can I increase my revenues or profit?
  • What are potential areas for growth in my business?
  • Finding investors / pitching financial planning / budgeting
  • How do I prepare my organisation / team for the next level in growth?
  • Social Media Strategy (content, branding, engagement, sales)

Whenever we work on strategy, we will also cover both mindset and implementation, because those 2 elements are crucial for making the strategy work. 

Thank you so much for your amazing help Paulien Pierik ! I was so confused before I spoke to you and now I have a clear direction for my business. You were so quick to understand my business and had such awesome ideas that I can implement straight away to increase my profitability. I am looking forward to working with you more! Lisa Bergsma

Director, In Shape Mummy

Sounds good! what is my investment?

Glad you asked, because this means you are ready to take action, whoop whoop! There are 2 options: single sessions that you can schedule anytime, or monthly mentoring, which includes 2 sessions with me plus What’s App access.

Strategy Sessions

Buy single sessions and plan them whenever you feel you need them. Perfect for flexibility! Starts from € 650 for 5 sessions.

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monthly mentoring

2 sessions a month plus… email access in between sessions! Fabulous for TONS of accountability. € 599 per month.

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New client initial session

New clients can book an initial 90-minute consultation for € 149 (Wednesdays only).

frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Strategy Sessions and the Make It Happen Program?

The Make it Happen package is a specific roadmap that will help you take your business off the ground in a guided, step by step way. It includes videos, training and assignments to guide you through a specific signature process to increase your visibility and sales.

The strategy sessions are tailored towards your specific situation, and can cover all aspects of stepping into your next level as a CEO (social media, sales and marketing, but also for example finance, building a team, IT), depending on your needs.

In doubt about the best fit? You can schedule a free discovery call so we can talk about your needs, and how I could best serve you and your business.

How long do we work together?

You can either buy 5 up to 20 individual strategy sessions, which need to be used within 52 weeks, or you can buy the monthly mentoring, which is a monthly subscription that includes What’s App access to me. This can be canceled any time with a 1 month notice period.

What are the terms and conditions?

You will pay in advance. You can cancel your monthly subscription any time with a 1 month notice period. No refunds.


How will we plan our calls?
We will use an online scheduling tool to plan the calls. You will get direct access to my schedule to plan your calls at a time that is suitable for you. Please note that I am in the Central European Timezone. My availability ranges from 7 AM to 9 PM CET.
What if I miss a call?
You can reschedule your calls up to 2 times. I kindly ask you to reschedule at least 24 hours before the call.