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Hi entrepreneur! Does any of this sound familiar?

YOU are on a mission! You want to grow a tribe!

And the gurus are saying that having a Facebook Group is the easiest and fastest way to grow a tribe.


🀨 The idea of running a group is overwhelming. What should you post? Will anyone even be interested? And how do you get people to talk? And to join?

🀨 When you visit the bigger Facebook Groups, you notice how so many of them are full of spam. And even the HUGE groups can be super quiet. You don't want that!

🀨 And then there's the Facebook algorithm, which seems to be changing every single day. It's a fulltime job to stay up to date on all the social media changes!

Opening the group seems like the most doable step actually. What happens next is what worries you...

⟩ What if no one joins?

⟩ What if my members hate my content and no one engages?

⟩ How on earth will I get sales from a Facebook Group?

I get it! You don’t want to put a lot of time and effort into a Facebook Group, to then end up with crickets / spam / an empty bank account (or all of the above)…

The good news is


It IS indeed still easy to grow a spam free, engaged and profitable Facebook Group!

IF you know how to do it the 2020 way.

Imagine: understanding how to launch your group the RIGHT way, plus having an easy to follow system to grow your group with the right people who engage and love being in your group? AND not only that, also knowing exactly what content to post to make your group engage and convert!

Image you would:

βœ” Know exactly how to correctly set up your group, so you are doing things right from the beginning

βœ” Have an endless list of content ideas for your group that actually get you engagement and sales

βœ” Know how to grow a Facebook Group quickly and with ease

βœ” Had a non-salesy system in place to make sales from your group, right from the start

Paulien Pierik

Helloooo, I am Paulien, business coach & social media expert. 

I have 17 years of experience in growing online businesses to $100 million in annual sales and over 500,000 followers on Social Media. I also have an MSc in business and Entrepreneurship Training from Harvard Business School. 

In the past 2 years, I’ve grown three Facebook Groups that are super engaged, high value and that bring me the majority of my coaching clients!



The Facebook Group course to help you launch your engaged and profitable Facebook Group

Perfect for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to learn how to run and grow a Facebook Group in a non-salesy and ethical way.

Whoop Whoop Facebook Group is currently open for a beta round. Meaning, that you will get a super special low price, in return for your feedback. 

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At the end of Whoop Whoop Facebook Group, you'll have: 


βœ” Your group - launched the right way
So you can attract perfect potential customers, from the beginning.

βœ” Your content plan - scheduled and ready to go 
A list of daily posts so you can create a super engaged group from the get go, without the daily struggle to come up with content ideas

βœ” An easy, repeatable process to grow your Facebook Group
So you can confidently grow your group in 30 minutes a day, 

βœ” A mighty monetization plan
An ethical and non-salesy way to earn money from your group, so your group will not only be highly engaged and always growing, but also profitable. Whoop whoop! 



Masterclass & Step-by-Step Checklist (value: $99)
Week 1 content

Yessss, ALL you need to do to open your group is follow along with the first module! And it comes with checklists too!

At the end of this first module you will have:

βœ” Your Perfect Group Topic 

βœ” A Group Name to Fame

βœ” A Plan to Launch your Group (with or without a Bang!)

 And you will know:

βœ” How to open your Group, the RIGHT way



Masterclass & 3 Content Creation Shortcut bonuses (Value: $149)
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Yes, there's an exact formula to creating content that engages and converts! I will teach you my ABCDE content creation formula, so you will learn exactly what to post to grow, engage and convert your group, every single day. 

This module of the Facebook Group Course comes with 3 bonuses that alone make up more than the price of this entire course:

  1. 149 questions that spark engagement in your group. 
  2. 53 ideas for daily hashtags (topics) for your group
  3. Trello Board with 8 weeks (yes EIGHT WEEKS) of content ideas for any Facebook Group.

After module two, you will:

βœ” Know exactly what to post when, and why because you understand the ABCDE content formula

βœ” Understand how to create real and authentic engagement in your group

βœ” Know how to minimize the time it takes you to create the content by using smart tools

βœ” Never, ever be out of content ideas again



Masterclass & step-by-step checklist (value: $99)
Content Module 3

Module 3 will teach you an easy system to grow your group in under 30 minutes a day.

You will learn:

➀ The 2 main ways to grow a Facebook Group, and why both matter.

➀ The 2 main places you can find potential new group members.

This module comes with a workbook that will help you create your custom and authentic group growth strategy!

After module three, you will:

βœ” Understand how to grow a Facebook Group, and where to go to find new potential group members

βœ” Have an automated way to create a continuous trickle of new group members

βœ” Have an authentic strategy to grow your group consistently, in under 30 minutes a day


Masterclass & worksheet (value: $199)
Module 4 content

Now that you know how to open and how to grow a Facebook Group, module 4 will dive into how you can monetize your Facebook Group in a non-salesy and ethical way.

This module comes with a masterclass. There will also be a bonus, which will be released in August or September.

After module four, you will:

βœ” Understand the dos and dont's of selling in a Facebook Group

βœ” Have a plan for how you are going to monetize your group!


Next to the 4 master classes, there's more content in this Facebook Group Course!!

  • BONUS: MASTERCLASS: HOW TO BE A GREAT GROUP LEADER (VALUE: $49). This bonus module will explain how you can be a great group leader, how you can create the group culture that you want, and how to handle a growing group so that it stays aligned with your group mission.
  • BONUS: LIFE LONG UPDATES TO THE COURSE (VALUE: $99). Yes, you will receive lifelong access to the course, including all future content. I will update the course when new things happen, so with these lifelong updates you can always stay up to date, even when Facebook keeps changing things around!

FAST ACTION BONUS: if you are one of the first 20 people that purchase the beta round of the course, then you will be able to purchase the course for the super low price of $49. In the future the price will go up to $199 and probably more. 

In exchange for the chance to enroll for this super low rate, I will ask you to fill out a weekly short questionnaire, so I can make sure I answer all your questions inside the course.

Ohh YES, I want this!

Summary of what's included 

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Whoop Whoop Facebook Group - the Facebook Group Course includes:

Opening your Facebook Group Masterclass & Step by Step Checklist (valued at $99)

Content creation formula masterclass & 3 content creation short cut bonuses (valued at $149)

How to grow a Facebook Group Masterclass & Checklist (valued at $99)

Monetizing your Group & Checklist (value: $199)

Bonus Masterclass: how to be a great group leader (valued at $49)

Bonus: lifelong updates to the course (valued at: $99)

Total value: $695
Regular price: $199
Beta price: $49

Fast action bonus if you are one of the first 20 people who join: get 75% off the future price of $199 and pay only $49.


Yes, I want to secure my spot in the beta round

There's no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.

- Margaret J. Wheatley


Whoop Whoop Facebook Group is PERFECT for you if:

  • You are a purpose-driven entrepreneur and you want to make an impact with what you do.
  • Growing your business with authenticity is important to you and you want to do this is in a non-salesy and ethical way.
  • You are new to Facebook Groups OR you have a Facebook Group that's not working for you.
  • The goal of your Facebook Group is to grow a community around your brand and to grow your revenues.
Yes that's me, I want to enroll >>

This Facebook Group course is NOT for you if:

  • Your number one goal in business is to make tons of  money, and you don't care about helping people or building relationships.
  • You are creating a group for a hobby or other non-business related topic. Or actually, masterclass 1, 2 and 3 are still relevant, but masterclass 4 (monetizing your group) is not.
  • You are not willing to put at least 30 minutes a day into growing your group.
  • You are not interested in being the leader of a community.
Not me, this program is perfect for me >>
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If you aren't 100% satisfied with this Facebook Group Course, the strategies or the results within the first 14 days, I will give you a full refund.

Make your payment today, and you don't even have to decide if you're in it for good! Take the full 14 days to explore the materials and experience of Whoop Whoop Facebook Group and THEN... make a decision using the information YOU HAVE, rather than the info you don't.



I am running this Facebook Group course for the first time, and as a beta launch. This is why the first 20 students will get lifetime access for the super low price of only $49! All I ask you in return is to fill out a short weekly survey to help me make the course even more amazing. You will of course get access to any future content I create with the help of your feedback.

Yes, I want the limited offer!


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Are you ready to grow your tribe? Whoop whoop!

I hope you are as excited as I am about this Facebook Group course.

Having an engaged Facebook Group of perfect-for-you potential customers can literally be the difference between struggling to find customers and having them line up to work with you or buy from you!

Facebook Groups are still the best way to grow an online tribe. But only if you know how to do it in 2020. And that's what Whoop Whoop Facebook Group will teach you! Are you ready?

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Summary of what's included 

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Opening your Facebook Group Masterclass & Step by Step Checklist (valued at $99)

Content creation formula masterclass & 3 content creation short cut bonuses (valued at $149)

How to grow your Facebook Group Masterclass & Checklist (valued at $99)

Monetizing your Group & Checklist (value: $99)

Bonus Masterclass: how to be a great group leader (valued at $49)

Bonus: lifelong updates to the course (valued at: $99)

Fast action bonus if you are one of the first 20 people who join: get 75% off the price and pay only $49.


Yes, I want to secure my spot in the beta round
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